A smart lock is an electronic and mechanical lock that opens wirelessly with an authorized users’ authentication either as pin, RFID card, fingerprint or face . A smart lock can have one or more authentication levels. It also monitors access and sends alerts for the different events it monitors and some other critical events related to the status of the device via a mobile or remotely controlled software App. These smart locks can be used both at homes and offices.


This is designed as a fully automatic smart lock with a built-in indoor monitoring screen. It could unlock and lock the door itself. It is compatible with USmart Go, an application designed for home automation. Users could enjoy remote control and online real-time monitoring when connecting the intelligent lock to the Wi-Fi network.


This is  a new entry-level fingerprint keypad smart lock with Bluetooth communication. The additional Bluetooth Gateway allows you to unlock the door lock remotely, check the log history and share the temporary or dynamic passcode via ZSmart App. More importantly, you can unlock the lock with voice commands when paired with a compatible Amazon Echo or Google Nest device.


Is an advanced fingerprint keypad smart lock with Zigbee communication. The additional Zigbee Gateway allows you to unlock the door lock remotely, check the log history, share the temporary or dynamic passcode, and modify the lock’s features via ZSmart App, which is a new mobile application for the smart home system.

ML 10& PL10 series

ML10/PL10 series is a smart lock with embedded fingerprint recognition technology. · It is DIY design, which can replace knob lock easily and quickly. · You even can do it by yourself.

TL 400B

Fingerprint enabled.
Your smart phone is now your key.
Voice volume is adjustable.
Enhanced security by random password for code access.
European standard mortise – the door locks by itself once close.

ZM 100

The smart lock with hybrid biometric recognition technology. Provide high security unlock way by safety mode – Face + Fingerprint. Reversible design to fit for all door open direction. Rechargeable lithium battery .