ZKTECO new generation  parking systems that provide smart, convenient and perfect user-experience for private parking management. Equipped with new auto-sensing function so that the user can easily manage his/her parking space by placing a sensor in a cigarette lighter receptacle.

The system has a long distance control function of upto 20m and a sensing distance of upto 15m, with a rising/falling time of less than 6 seconds. It has an IP66 protection level certification for enhanced waterproof and dustproof ability.

Auto-sensing feature that requires no  manual operation, which makes parking experiences more ideal. It is a competent private parking manager. It can be widely used in residential, corporate buildings, industrial parks, hotels, airports and other parking management.

Zkteco P Lock system

ZKTECO P Lock Illustration diagram


These are long distance RFID machines with the integrated functions of a UHF reader to enhance access control functions and support IP communication for easy installation and end user convinience. IP66 protection level certification enables outdoor use, with long distance identification.

Combined with UHF non-contact radio frequency circuits and various coding, and decoding algorithms, this card issuer can read the labels and cards which support EPC global UHF Class1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C standard. Its USB interface adopts the advanced plug and play interface without driver core technology to connect computer and other equipment. Useful for long distance vehicle and pedestrian access management on tolled roads or controlled parking area to open boom barriers or automatic gates

UHF reader

UHF Readers Application diagram