Parking barriers are one of the keys and indispensable resources for vehicle access control. Cars are part of the developed society, and the number grows day by day. It is necessary to regulate cars’ flow to achieve a streamlined vehicle access management in an establishment.

Automatic Barrier Gate

The CMP200 series offers brand-new automatic barrier gates equipped with telescopic boom arm that allows direction exchanging according to site application and a silvery housing with built-in LED indicating the state of the parking barrier, providing humanized user experiences. Its appearance and structure are designed based on the feedback and needs of the market and industry.

Exclusive Barrier Gate

ProBG3000 series is a high performance, high-speed barrier gate. It adopts an efficient servo motor, a simple transmission structure, a high-temperature resistant control panel, an interactive design, and an anti-collision boom connector.

CMP 200

BG 3000


ZKTeco UHF are long distance card reader system in the personnel management, goods management and vehicle management.U1000 and U2000 are long distance RFID access control machines which integrate functions of UHF readers and controllers. Compared with UHF readers, they increase access control functions and support TCP/IP communication, Wiegand in/out, two relays, 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, which enable easy installation and convenient use. The machines also support ZKAccess 3.5 and ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software. They have obtained IP66 protection level certification and is suitable for outdoor use.