Hotel lock system is an access control system  that helps improve the safety, security, and privacy of your hotel room doors. When the hotel guest inserts or swipes the magnetic key card into their key slot, it quickly sends its unique card information to the hotel’s card reader, verifies that the user information matches the user who has authorized access to the room and communicates with the lock to grant access.

  • Easy installation with “one-click” operation only
  • Require USB encoder to program mifare cards (sold separately)
  • Support Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

ZKTECO Hotel lock series are like LH 5000,LH 3000,LH 4000,LH 7000 among others. The hotel locks are either Right or Left.

LH 4000&5000

LH 3000

LH 6000

ZL 500

Hotel lock diagram system