Metal detectors are electronic devices for detecting the presence of metal objects at various points of entry into buildings, events and such. The screening devices occur in two forms, handheld and walk-through. They may be used individually or co-currently to serve the same purpose and enhance entry point security. 


Used as either a primary screening tool at screening points to detect metallic objects. They are designed for fast and efficient daily use, to accurately detect unauthorized metal objects such as knives and weapons. It is used in secondary screening to pinpoint targets detected by a walk-through metal detector.


ZKTeco D180S Metal detector

Garett Metal detector

ZKTeco D100S Metal detector


ZKTeco D180S with status bar
  • ZK-D180 is the ZKTeco self-developed compact size hand held metal detector featured with a detection indicator right in the middle of its main body.
  • There is detecting the sizes of detected objects and visualizing in different color from (Green to Red), a perfect tool for speeding up security process.
  • The controllable sound and vibration effect is another highlight, security guard can identify the potential dangerous quietly.
Garett Metal detector
  • One switch operation – turn it on and begin to use.
  • All metal detection – detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel weapons, contraband, and other metallic objects.
  • Momentary push button – helps temporarily eliminate detection of nearby ambient metal such as rebar, metal walls.
  • Self-calibrating – digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments..
ZKTeco D100S metal detector

ZK-D100S is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. If metal is detected The device emits an alarm and blinks a red LED.

  • Multiple sensitivity modes to choose from
  • Switch to silent alarm mode
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Low power consumption



Walk through metal detectors are based on pulse induction (PI) technology. PI systems use a coil of wire on one side of the arch as the transmitter and receiver. This technology sends powerful, short bursts (pulses) of current through the coil of wire. Each pulse generates a brief magnetic field.


ZKTeco D2180s
  • 4-8 hours backup battery
  • 256 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Alarm strength indicator
  • Count statistics of alarms and people
  • Eighteen mutual over-lapping detecting zone
  • Password protection
  • Program Self-diagnostic
  • Small LCD screen
  • Sound & LED alarm
ZKTeco D4330s
  • 33 detection zones
  • 300 sensitivity levels
  • 7″ LCD display
  • Counter for alarm and people
  • Synchronous sound & LED alarm
  • Remote control
  • Password protection
  • People and alarm counters
ZKTeco D3180S
  • 18 over-lapping detecting zones, Simultaneous alarm from multi- zones;
  • Sensitivity adjustable:
  • Each zone has 256 sensitivity level, 0-255 adjustable
  • 5.7 inch LCD screen
  • Infrared remote control
  • Sound & LED alarm: Both Side LED indicator, easily show where the metal is.
  • Automatically count passengers and alarm times