Night Vision For Normal Camera

Night Vision For ColorVU Camera


ColorVU technology is the newest addition to the industry-leading HIKVISION range of cameras. This new incorportion enhances security by capturing images vividly, in full colour where in low, or no light environments. This means that during night and day all images captured show exact details of occurence.


  • Resolution of up to 4K, ColorVu-enabled cameras render vivid color images in dim light.
  • Zoom in vivid color where varifocal cameras can adapt to more scenarios by changing the camera’s focal length, while your camera zooms in or out, the image brightness will be guaranteed. Making inventory management easier.
  • Combining ColorVu technology with AcuSense, these cameras capture human & vehicle targets with vivid color.
  • Connected to Hikvision’s back-end products, users will enjoy detailed video playback and efficient footage searches.
  • Models equipped with Live Guard deter trespassers with visual and auditory warnings on-site while sending notifications to users remotely.
  • The audio alarms can be customized in various languages for various scenarios.


Dahua Technology’s full-color camera captures vivid color information even in low-light conditions. It effectively extracts the color features of scenes – be it human, vehicle or details – in places with high crime rate such as a park at night or a dark alley, providing great help to police officers during the evidence obtaining procedure. In addition, the full-color camera also works with AI functions to further enhance the probability and accuracy of target recognition and feature extraction.


24/7 Colorful monitoring
• Presents colored images and captures vivid detail in low light conditions.
• Significantly increases probability of collecting valid human, vehicle, and event evidence through brighter monitoring

Excellent video quality in darkness
• Provides warm and smart auxiliary light to guarantee image clarity even in total darkness.
• Prevents rain reflection and does not attract insects.

Up to 98% AI accuracy at night
• Supports integration with recorder to achieve AI search and improve retrieval efficiency.
• Filters false alarms and allows human and vehicle classification to focus only on target of interest.

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