Manual and automatic intruder alarm systems are very useful in detection and communication of intrusion into an area, or house. Manual alarm systems consist of siren kit(sounder),power supply unit, panic buttons, relay timer and cables. The automatic system consists of an alarm control panel where the detection devices and wiring of the alarm are connected and terminated. Other components consist of sirens, door contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors, vibration sensors and strobe lights. A panic button (remote or fixed) is then used to assist in alerting the siren system in emergency situations where a threat to persons or property has been detected.

Secolink Control panel

Secolink Keypad

Secolink GSM


Wireless home security systems operate through your existing frequency signal to create a seamless operation of whole-home defense through the motion detectors, magnetic contacts, vibration sensors which are all wireless. Through signals, the components of your wireless home security system share information with each other to the control panel.

Wireless GSM panel

Wireless GSM panel components