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The ProBG3030 series is a high performance and high speed barrier gate. It adopts high performance servomotor, simple and reliable
transmission structure, high temperature resistant control panel, humane interaction design on appearance and impact protection
design on boom connector.
  • The opening/closing speed of boom is fast and is up to 0.9s, and you can adjust the speed from 0.9s-8s by the vehicle flow
    and required boom length.
  • Good temperature resistance. Support -40°C—+75°C in the outdoors.
  • High reliability. Abrasion is small, and there is no mechanical impact or shock absorption during the movement.
  • The boom will be lifted or unlocked (can be pushed up by hand directly) when power is cut off.
  • High safety, encountering block to return/stop, and the boom is standard for anticollision rubber strip.
  • Switch boom installation direction is simple, and it can be exchanged around the project site.
Model ProBG3000 ProBG3100
Motor Type Servo motor
Boom Type Straight boom 90°Folding boom
Boom Length Support 3m/4.5m/6m (Can be adjusted) 3m
Protection Level IP54
Operating Temperature -40°C~+75°C
Power Supply 24V DC, AC 100~240V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 100W
Case Material Powder coated steel
Case Size 360*330*1000mm
Net Weight 48 kg



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